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castor oil (improves suds) 6 oz. At this point, you will notice a chemical reaction take place. Looking for some other great single oil recipes? The ingredient and equipment links below are affiliate links, If you buy via the links we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Weigh out the coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter into a large, glass mixing bowl. These two characteristics are very unusual for soap recipes because most recipes with a high superfat are very susceptible to oxidation and will have a decreased shelf life because of this. If you would like to use a fragrance, please follow the suggested recommendation from your supplier. You can actually use any cold process recipe to make this hot process soap, just use your favorite one :) What I did was hold back a small amount of the liquid called for and then added it as coconut milk after the cook (about an ounce). Check out our Three Oils & FIVE Soaps recipes! Combine the stearic acid, shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and castor oil in your slow cooker. Assemble all of the ingredients, utensils, and safety gear that you’ll need. essential oil of choice, optional After the first 24 hours, remove from the fridge and leave for a further 24. This is what I do: Take about half of the water the recipe calls for and use it to dissolve the lye. gather your supplies and get your milk and water ready You can even add a few drops of essential oil to add a light fragrance. Instructions Start With a Basic Soap Batch. Although keep in mind that your soap is still caustic at this stage and should not be used right away. This is a super-simple homemade soap recipe that is ideal for beginners. In this video I show a step by step tutorial on making cold process soap with coconut milk. To make a pure coconut oil soap, you can use CP, LTHP or HTHP. Step 1 – Melt the Butters and Oils. Pour the 40-40-20 recipe into prepared soap molds. According to the soap properties predicted by the soap calculator, a pure coconut oil soap would create a very "cleansing" soap and we know that high cleansing numbers often, although not always, equate to a soap that may cause drying and irritation. Add that mix to the oils and stir until trace as you would with any other soap recipe. Soaps comprised only of coconut oil will have a long and stable shelf-life because of the high saturated fatty acid composition. Once they are within this range, pour your lye into your oils and mix them with a spoon or spatula. If you’ve made soap before, you’ll know that when you add ingredients at trace that batter will rapidly begin to harden. Coconut Milk + Cocoa Butter + Coconut Oil + Untested Fragrance = Super Pow Volcano Soap. It’s helpful to jot yourself a … Looking for some other great single oil recipes? The soap on the left if the finished product of this tutorial that has been put in the fridge. water (I use 100% sodium hydroxide drain cleaner granules from the hardware store or I buy it online) 2-4 oz. However, beware that it can make soap take a little longer to harden. Share your tips below! Make sure to get all of the cubes as we need exact measurements. Continue this until you achieve a light trace. How can a recipe made from such a high concentration of cleansing soaps create a soap that is mild, gentle, bubbly, and softening? Make the lye, including all of the safety guidelines. Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe. To do this, simply weigh out the amount of milk you’ll need and then pour it into an ice cube tray. This should take about 3-4 hours to freeze, although I like to do it the day before so I don’t have to wait around before I can get started. Mild Chamomile Cold Process Soap Recipe. Recipe: Follow the directions from The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap. Grate it down into a slow cooker and add liquid … Using Other Liquids in Lye. If you don’t have a microwave, you can use a water bath. Pop this in a microwave and nuke in 30 second bursts until the coconut oil and shea butter melt. Turn the cooker on to high and allow your oils to melt completely. Some of these solutions will also apply to the cold process soap making method. I also added honey … 100% coconut soaps also break the recommendation of using a lower coconut oil concentration... and yet, our Ultimate Triple Coconut Oil recipe yields a very gentle, moisturizing and bubbly soap. Weigh out your oils and melt them on the stovetop or microwave. Allow your bars to cure for 4 weeks before using, and, test with universal indicator strips to ensure that the soap. Pour soap made with 100 percent lard into heat-proof containers that can also be used in the bathroom. Take a look at. By doing this, we can reduce the soap's ability to grab onto dirt and oil, and instead create a soap that is ultra-gentle and one of our absolute favorite recipes. Be sure to run your new recipe through a soap calculator and skip on the colorants! A rich coconut milk soap, scented with lime, that will leave your skin super soft. Any and all attempts of intellectual property theft or copyright infringement will be handled in accordance with the law. 1 2 Next. Visit our, Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap- Pure Coconut Oil Recipe, Have you made pure coconut oil soap? 36 oz. You can also elect to use an alternative post cook superfat such as olive oil or shea butter. Disclaimer: This book was created to increase your knowledge and skills in hot process soap making. In a separate container made of glass, empty out your frozen coconut milk cubes. When soaping with any kind of milk, I usually combine my oils and lye/water mixture around 90 degrees. Coconilla Dreams Cold Process Soap Recipe. This website is designed for educational & entertainment purposes only. This makes a very inexpensive bar and is one of our favorite recipes. Follow the directions for making a basic batch of soap to make your lye solution. But for the purposes of this article and answering the question I get so often from people about using milk in hot process soap recipes, I’m going to just discuss hot process soap. This makes a very inexpensive bar and is one of our favorite recipes. When we strip away the skin’s natural oils, it can leave our skin feeling dry and cause other complications like irritation, redness, itching, and flaking. A lovely Coconut Milk Soap Recipe With Lime. For this recipe, I start with semi frozen/slushy coconut milk and cold distilled water. Just be sure neither are hotter than 120F or cooler than 80F. Now, pour your sodium hydroxide crystals into your frozen coconut milk.
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