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This one is all about romance and the relationship between herself and Sam, which is at a point where she's unsure of their status. This is a perfect song for Mercedes Jones which works really well with her belting voice as she can really power out the big notes, helping this to be a very impressive solo. Mercedes war die erste, die für den Glee Club vorsang und hatte während ihrer Schulzeit eine tiefe Freundschaft mit Kurt Hummel, für den sie anfangs geschwärmt hat, … Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez, “ River Deep, Mountain High” (Season 2, Episode 4, “Duets”) Mercedes and Santana were always a winning team and gave Glee … Songs sung by Mercedes Jones. But then Mercedes jumps in due to how touched she is and she then carries a really powerful song through. Directed by Bradley Buecker. Will calls Mercedes lazy out of nowhere, and "booty camp" doesn't seem like enough of a reason for Mercedes to quit the club she's called her home for two years. 1 Episodes 2 Songs 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Navigational Sang Together (In a Group Number) Related Songs Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. This doesn't make much sense. Drew recently studied at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, and has written, composed, and directed an original musical, Family Jewels. The song is not only great, but it is also better than the other two songs the glee club created for the performance. 19 episodes 113 songs. It is originally sung by Haverbrook School for the Dead Glee Club with one member singing and the rest signing. Mercedes auditions for the Glee club with the song, Respect, and is one of the original Gleeks. (Acafellas) BeautifulbyChristina Aguilera. On My Own • Rachel. In addition to the messy handling of this storyline, the two don't have all that much chemistry and seem to only be together because they are both in the glee club. There are some great performances here from several characters and it really is a memorable moment for Mercedes. RELATED: Glee: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Musical Series. The Mercedes-Santana Relationship, also known as Sancedes, is the rivalry turned friendship between Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez. Kurt and Mercedes decide to join the Cheerios so that they can actually perform solos since they are never assigned the solos in glee club, but they also remain in glee. Mercedes Jones has her most powerful moment as a character in terms of singing here and it is impossible not to watch this solo and be instantly impressed by what is happening. Without great singing and fantastic songs, this musical show would quickly have faded away, but fortunately, the series was jam-packed with amazing musical moments. SCRIPT. Don't Stop Believin' ... Rachel. While the show did change a few of the lyrics in order to make things work, that didn't stop this from being an incredible song. Flight Of The Bumblebee. This is one of the most iconic songs in the history of music, but Mercedes Jones' version really is a strong one. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Though Mercedes and Amber Riley's performance are among the best-remembered elements of Glee, there were some parts of Mercedes' storyline and character development that didn't make much sense. Unlike a lot of the solos that Mercedes Jones sings throughout the show, "Disco Inferno" was just a really fun pop number that she was able to really perform well. To clarify, I did this based on the song itself as opposed to the performance or how it is used in the episode. Finn does find out, and it harms his relationship with the club for a while. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Kurt-Mercedes Relationship, commonly known as Kurtcedes, is the friendship between Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones. 7 Letting Mercedes Perform The Last Song Following their Regionals win, the Glee Club hosts a fundraiser for their upcoming trip to Nationals, in which members perform a song of their choice. VIEWS. Two of the most powerful voices in Glee came together for the first time in the season one episode "Laryngitis" and the show was never the same again. Unknown Named Glee Theme by Glee. It takes a lot to even attempt to cover this song, and it shows the faith that the writers had in the actress to be able to nail this number, and that's exactly what she did. While it's not that weird for Mercedes to not know he was gay — she was 15 at the time and fairly sheltered — her reaction to him not reciprocating her crush doesn't make any sense. The setting of this one is great as she performs on a carousel, which is one of the more memorable sets for a solo in the history of the show. Glee always tried to capitalize on the most popular … Right after the auditions, Mercedes, with Rachel, Artie, Kurt and Tina, sing Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat but they are disappointed because of the lack of a strong lead solo. Quinn was a former Cheerio whose pregnancy turned her into an outcast. RECORDED. The show was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, and features many cover versions of songs sung on-screen by the characters. The rest of Glee are all there with her backing her up and singing certain bits, dancing and showing their love which creates a really special and memorable moment to make this song a lot of fun. However, after one of the other teams steals Mercedes' solo, they both agree to let Rachel sing a song because Mercedes didn't have anything else prepared. RELATED: The 10 Worst Episodes Of Glee, According to IMDB. This is the song she chooses to sing to try to qualify for Nationals, and it leads to Jesse and Will disagreeing about if she's ready for a major solo. Season 2. Since her first appearance in Glee's pilot, Mercedes has been a fan favorite. In season two's "The Substitute," Sue, as acting principal, bans Tater Tots from the school cafeteria in an attempt to improve the health of the student body. In typical Rachel fashion, she fights for everyone for the main part but Mercedes ends up being given the opportunity when she even confesses she cannot do it as well as her. They became best friends in Season One and have been friends ever since. Love The song builds slowly leading up to the powerful final chorus with Mercedes looking absolutely stunning in a beautiful red dress as she belts out the song like so few performers can. 22 episodes 147 songs. It also happened to just be a great song and one that she performed perfectly. "Hell To The No" was a really fun solo for Mercedes Jones which she was able to sing about in the classroom as she showcased tons of sass and confidence which helped to ensure this number was one to remember. Glee (2009) Soundtrack 4 Seasons. I Kissed A Girl • Tina. Amber Patrice Riley (born February 15, 1986), sometimes known mononymously as RILEY, is an American actress, singer, author, and activist.She is best known for her portrayal of Confirmed via Lea's twitter. EDIT: I decided to do a ranking for Rachel and I have included her season 5 solo version of Defying Gravity. Since her first appearance in Glee's pilot, Mercedes Jones has been a fan favorite. In season two's "Original Song," the New Directions decide to write and perform original songs for their upcoming regional competition. In the last episode of season two, it is revealed that Mercedes has begun dating Sam Evans, a newer glee club member, and Quinn's ex-boyfriend. The most apparent reading of this situation is as a fat joke, and the storyline's inclusion doesn't make much sense given the fact that Mercedes already struggled with body image issues in the previous season. ... Will performs this song. With a full gospel choir backing her up, this song becomes an incredibly powerful number as Mercedes belts out the track with incredible heart at the benefit concert for The Brainiacs, making it even more emotional. tunefind New Directions wants to get an edge at the Regionals and decides to use original songs. In season one's "Sectionals," Rachel agrees to let Mercedes take the solo at the competition. "Science Fiction Double Feature" Rivera's first full-fledged solo song on the show arrived during … Her speech prior to singing "Beautiful" about people feeling fat, ugly, or not worthy is something that can relate with a lot of people, and that all plays into how good the number is. Sung by Rachel and Mercedes. Seasons. NEXT: 23 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Glee That Change Everything. NEXT: Glee: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Will Schuester, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Here are 10 examples. 22 episodes 178 songs. In season two's "The Substitute," Sue, as acting principal, bans Tater Tots from the … Mercedes does an amazing job with the performance, helping to create something truly special. Find all 897 songs featured in Glee Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Most of Mercedes' arc over Glee's six seasons finds her fighting for the respect she deserves from her classmates and teachers, and, eventually, from those in the music industry. Mercedes being tired of getting passed over for opportunities in favor of Rachel is understandable, but the way this played out doesn't make much sense. Grey's Anatomy: All 17 Seasons, Ranked By The Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, Glee: Mercedes Jones' 10 Best Solos, Ranked, Glee: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Mercedes Jones, Glee: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Musical Series, Glee: 5 Times Will Was The Best Teacher (& 5 Times Sue Was). Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. However, while the characters on-screen may not all be in agreement, there is no denying that this is a fantastic number where Mercedes really gets to showcase her vocal range as a singer. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network … He earned a B.A. Worst: "Blurred Lines" Talk about short-sighted. Season 4. Mercedes ends up quitting the glee club and joining a rival group, the Troubletones. Glee Songs. Drew Gillis is a New York-based writer and comedian. But there are some things about her character that do not make sense. Add time. Given how ambitious Mercedes is and how this record deal is the thing she's always wanted, it doesn't make sense for her to act this way. Kurt auditions for the Glee Club. Add time. in Communication from Boston College in 2019 and currently covers news for Screen Rant. Season 3. While many people were understandably annoyed at this development, Mercedes takes this menu change as an extremely personal affront, and spends the rest of the episode railing against Sue's rule, eventually causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to Sue's car. They just have different voices and different skill sets. In season four's "Wonder-ful," Mercedes walks away from her recording contract after they ask her to change her image during a shoot for the album cover. After she passes out and ends up in the nurse's office, she talks with Quinn, who relates to her issue. Trending pages. RELATED: 5 Reasons Why Glee Is The Best Musical About High School (And 5 Why High School Musical Is Better). She then belts out an incredibly iconic song and that resonates with all the characters in the gym at the time who join in with her, creating an unbelievable atmosphere of togetherness, making this one of the very best solos of all time. On top of it all, they are just really good friends and get along really well. 3935. In preparing for the benefit, Rachel convinces Mercedes to take a middle slot so she can close the show. She performs this number perfectly, but the acting here is also really strong, which adds to the emotions that she is pouring out. Mister Cellophane • Kurt. The sudden shift in attitude is confusing at best, and offensive at worst. Mercedes' competitive attitude towards Rachel was brewing from the first moments of the series, but it came to a head in season one's "Sectionals," where Mercedes sings "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going" from Dreamgirls. The fact that Mr. Schuester thinks they shouldn't perform this song makes no sense. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. She was probably trying to keep the peace, but most people would probably agree that, for better or worse, Finn should know the truth. This moment happens in season one of the show and is incredibly memorable as it blends both singing and sign language together in a really powerful performance. 106K. Edit. Shining Star. No one in their right mind would walk away from that, especially for how minor their request is. SEASON 1. [Extended Version Scene] Looking Back • Kerry Muzzey. Even though Rachel and Mercedes' rivalry dates back to the early moments of the series, the tensions came to a head in season three's "Asian F." Will says that Mercedes is lazy for not wanting to go to dance rehearsal, and Mercedes complains because Rachel is not being forced to attend. She has tons of fire in this track as she looks to prove a point, and it really helped the character develop within the show. They choose a song Rachel wrote as a solo, and though it would be understandable for this to annoy Mercedes, that is never addressed. If Kurt was straight, it would make sense for him to date Mercedes. This is another great track that Mercedes Jones gets to perform inside the classroom to make her point and she does so with style, class, and sass. It wasn't a big emotional number and instead, she got to do some dancing and just let loose a little bit. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She gets to prove just how great of a singer she is all while pulling out some great dance moves as well. Love The song builds slowly leading up to the powerful final chorus with Mercedes looking absolutely stunning in a beautiful red dress as she belts out the song like so few performers can. Add time. Category page. With Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch. In season one's "Home," Mercedes grapples with her body image after joining the Cheerios. Mercedes tells Puck that he should keep that information to himself because Quinn has already made her choice, and she wants to raise the baby with Finn. It might not be a big emotional moment or a huge concert, but it's just a ton of fun, which the show is all about. The photographer asks her to show a little more skin, which makes Mercedes uncomfortable, so she decides to make a career a different way. 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Mercedes is not even a year out of high school and has already inked a record deal. I know this is cheesier than some people may like, and I invite those people to make their own ranking of 705 Glee songs. Mercedes Jones; I Lived; Bust Your Windows; Loser Like Me; Like a Prayer; Bad Romance; Season 1. This part makes sense. This solo is so full of heart and passion that it's impossible not to love. Mercedes wasn't the original character to do this number either but it is just something that ends up happening and she absolutely nails it. One of the very best was Mercedes Jones whose powerful voice led to some amazing moments in the show, and here are her 10 very best solos. Glee might have had some incredible storylines and really fun characters, but at its core, it was all about the music. She brings Sam to tears and certainly this song has made many glee fans have a similar reaction by coincidence. They have similar tastes in fashion and music, and they share similar encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. While both are incredible singers, it really doesn't make much sense that they are always feuding. Here are her 10 very best solos, ranked. Brand New Day from The Wiz. Earth, Wind & Fire. It also is kind of weird that she would date Quinn's ex since they were such good friends at one point, but in the Glee universe, that is fairly common. Singing about each of their claims for Noah Puckerman's heart, Mercedes and Santana performed this classic '90s song, first recorded by … Rachel concedes that Mercedes sang the song incredibly, and agrees to let Mercedes perform the competition solo. Mercedes writes and performs the song "Hell To The No," an uptempo R&B song with attitude to spare. Tina auditions for the Glee Club. This could have all been avoided if Mercedes had told the truth. Mercedes auditions for the Glee Club. While the friendship is mentioned off-handedly again, one would think that two people who were such good friends would not drift apart so quickly. (Home) Sang … While there are a lot of great ensemble numbers, there are also a plethora of fantastic solos from every main character. Quinn rejoins the Cheerios and becomes popular all over again and forgets about Mercedes, who is apparently fine with this. Quinn told everyone that Finn was the father of her child, but the truth is, it was Puck. The two develop a friendship over the rest of the season, with Mercedes even being present at the birth of Quinn's daughter. Glee Singers & Songs Number of Words Total Letters First Word Letters; Artie Abrams and Mike Chang, Scream: 6: 29: 5: Blaine Anderson, Hungry Like the Wolf: 6: 31 1 Episodes 2 Songs 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Navigational Sang Together (In a Group Number) Sang Together (In a Group Number) Sang Together (In a Group Number) Back Up Vocals Both have dated Puck and Sam. In the episode "Ballad," Mercedes is the first in the glee club to find out the truth about Quinn's baby. The song ends with Mercedes confirming she’s left the glee club. What doesn't make sense is the fact that Mercedes doesn't get any competition solos until she joins the Troubletones in season three. RELATED: Glee: 10 Sue Sylvester Quotes That Are Still Hilarious Today. RELATED: Glee: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Mercedes Jones. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. RELATED: Glee: 5 Times Will Was The Best Teacher (& 5 Times Sue Was). SONGS. Not sure if filmed/recorded. Kurt is gay, however, and it is obvious to basically everyone except Mercedes from the first second they meet him. 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