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Finally, upon returning home from the girls’ trip, Lala faces a betrayal from her boyfriend that may end their three-year relationship. When Stassi believes that Kristen committed the ultimate betrayal, she devises a plan to expose her in front of all of her friends. Schwartz and Sandoval try to prove their commitment to partnering with Lisa Vanderpump by making the biggest investment of their lives. Finally, when a scandal erupts concerning Jax and Brittany’s pastor, Sandoval and Ariana take a moral stance that threatens to tear the bridal parties apart and ruin their friendships forever. This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 15:09. Max Boyens is an American Tv personality who is best known for being a cast member on season 8 of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Lisa Vanderpump orchestrates a big surprise for the bride and groom, Dayna learns that Max may have cheated on her, and James and Max have a boys’ night to commiserate over their girl troubles. Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie about the past. Vanderpump Rules Original Release After a summer of bitter fighting, Kristen and Stassi try to bury the hatchet, and the truth is finally revealed about the rumors surrounding Jax. Finally, a vicious rumor circulates that could destroy a relationship for good. Finally, Kristen reveals the root of Katie's anger towards Schwartz all summer, sparking a massive fight between angry drag queens, bitter boyfriends and scorned fiancés. Share Tweet Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit Tumblr Mail Flipboard. Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy says he doesn't 'miss the booze' as he celebrates one year of sobriety with dog Graham Cracker and girlfriend … Scheana and Ariana discover that their friendship may be more damaged than they ever knew. Katie interrogates the SUR staff about Schwartz's infidelity and discovers they know more than expected. Jax turns to an unlikely form of therapy in order to come to terms with his anger and infidelity. Lisa proudly serves as grand marshal of the Long Beach Gay Pride parade, where Sandoval discovers a new fetish he hopes will revive his and Ariana's lagging sex life. Things turn ugly when Stassi finds out that Jax is back to his womanizing ways. "If You're Going to Drink, I Can't Stop You". Lisa tries to outdo herself by throwing not one but two huge parties for Gay Pride. Jax desperately wants to get his relationship with Stassi back on track, but his drunken behavior at a SUR birthday party might be the final straw that ends his relationship with Stassi for good. Finally, Lisa surprises Katie with a risqué bridal shower gift and Ariana drops a bomb on Stassi, leaving her stunned. When James has an explosive fight with his mother over money, his mother reaches out to Lisa to employ a different Kennedy brother. Katie convinces Lisa to let her host a "Girls' Night In" party on James's former night, but Billie Lee lashes out at Katie for not including her in the planning. Lisa channels all her energy into restoring SUR after the devastating fire. Finally, the group uncovers a bit of scandalous gossip about Lala’s love life. Scheana attempts to win back Lisa's respect after storming out of her V.I.P. Katie lashes out when Lala skinny dips in front of Schwartz, and Lisa Vanderpump frets over Max from 3,000 miles away. Vanderpump Rules is an American reality television series aired on Bravo that debuted on … When Katie is the victim of body-shaming comments, she gives Lisa Vanderpump an ultimatum that will send reverberations throughout the SUR community. When Lisa gives James permission to DJ an event at PUMP, he makes a play to regain his full-time job at SUR. You must have seen him in Bravo's reality series Vanderpump Rules. [1] It is a spin-off to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The three-part reunion starts off with a bang as host Andy Cohen uncovers the real stories behind Jax cheating on Brittany, the rumor that James slept with his best friend Logan, and the status of Stassi’s relationship with Patrick. On June 9, 2020, Schroeder and co-star, Kristen Doute were fired from the show because they reported former co-star, Faith Stowers to the police for a crime that she did not commit. Besides acting, Lala has worked as a model for KK Entertainment. Lisa hires a "secret diner" to evaluate the service at SUR, but the staff is more focused on rumors than customers. Later, Kristen confronts Sandoval about trying to ruin her new relationship, and Stassi pays her dad and grandmother a nostalgic visit on the day they're moving out of her childhood home. Best known as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump opens the salacious kitchen doors of her exclusive Hollywood restaurant and lounge, SUR. Scheana erupts at Kristen over her actions, causing a huge scene in front of customers. The reunion concludes as Lisa explains why she initially refused to officiate Katie and Tom's wedding. Lala kicks James out of bed for an equipment malfunction, Scheana worries about Shay's drinking, and just hours before leaving paradise, Jax winds up in jail. Then, Kristen picks a fight to stop the gossiping about Tom and the new bartender. Back at SUR, Lisa tests out new dishes in hopes of spicing up the menu. She was working as a server at SUR, the West Hollywood, California, restaurant owned by former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump. Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz asks for a pre-nuptial agreement as he panics at the skyrocketing budget of his upcoming wedding. Tom Sandoval makes a tearful plea to Kristen to stop harassing Ariana, and Lisa confronts Stassi for cutting Katie out of her life. Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars. Later, Pandora throws Katie a relaxing spa day but things grow tense when Ariana refuses to apologize to Stassi and Katie's attacks brings Scheana to tears. Cartwright began her career in TV as a guest star in the Lisa Vanderpump’s series Vanderpump Rules which deals with the everyday lives of the SUR and Villa Blanca servers. In the shocking first hour of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, host Andy Cohen sits down with the gang from SUR to discuss Brittany’s surprising engagement, the rap that ended James’ friendship with Jax, and the trials and tribulations of Tom and Tom’s first year in business with Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa Vanderpump's new hire for SUR, Scheana, is ostracized because of her past affair with a married man. Lisa forces Katie and Tom to reexamine their entire relationship when she declines to officiate their wedding. Brittany blames Katie for the rift in their friendship, while Max and Brett nearly come to blows over their feelings for Dayna. Jax and Tom give Schwartz the ultimate wedding surprise when they fly in his triplet brothers. Lisa's staff heads to Cabo for Stassi's 25th birthday, but a vulgar comment from Scheana turns the celebration into a catfight. Meanwhile, Schwartz serves up Jax and Sandoval a spicy revenge for their years of hazing, and Katie questions Scheana's loyalty after spotting her getting cozy with Lala. On January 9, 2017, the tenth episode of the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules titled "Summer House Rules" served as a cross-over preview to Summer House. Stassi faces off against Kristen, Tom makes a surprise revelation about his relationship with Ariana, and Jax and Tom confront each other for the first time since their fight. The SUR gang travels to Hawaii to celebrate Jax and Tom's birthdays, bringing their conflicts with them. At SUR, James hustles to make sure his first DJ event is a smashing success, Lisa marvels at Brittany’s dedication to Jax, and Lala bonds with Billie, the restaurant’s new hostess. Andy uncovers who's been dumped, who's sleeping with whom, and who might be leaving SUR for good. Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, the cast of Vanderpump Rules along with Lisa Vanderpump, reunite at SUR to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season. Lala finds her inner feminist and schemes to repair Scheana and Katie's friendship, Lisa rewards Peter for years of loyal service, and a salacious rumor about James and his best friend makes the rounds at SUR. Brittany expresses her anger with Kristen for using a picture of Jax's unmentionable in her comedy routine, Scheana confronts Katie about her drinking and things get heated when Ariana calls Stassi out for being manipulative. Related Shows Scheana makes a last-ditch effort to connect with Rob, James receives huge news about his DJ career, and Stassi introduces Lisa to her boyfriend with catastrophically awkward results. Jax convinces Brittany to host a housewarming party in an attempt to prove their relationship is mended, but the evening devolves into madness when a devastating audio recording surfaces. Jax confronts Scheana for setting up Brittany with another man. Kristen returns to SUR and apologizes to Ariana, but Ariana is not ready to forgive and forget. Jax, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz debate the merits of marriage. Schwartz and Sandoval must decide whether to double down on their investment with Lisa, James makes a surprising ally, and Ariana erupts when Kristen tells her that Stassi has been making fun of her house. Vanderpump Rules was renewed for a third season in April 2014. When Lisa threatens to fire Stassi for neglecting her responsibilities at SUR and as a writer for Lisa's website, Stassi must plead to keep her jobs. On June 9, 2020, Schroeder and co-star, Kristen Doute were fired from the show because they reported former co-star, Faith Stowers to the police for a crime that she did not commit. Married, Husband and Children . Tom Sandoval works on a new single, Kristen continues her serial dating, and Tom Schwartz lands in hot water with Katie when he quits his job for Lisa Vanderpump. Jax confronts Tom Sandoval for questioning his engagement to Brittany, while Scheana finds herself attracted to her "best friend" Adam Spott. Brittany throws an unexpected tantrum, causing her friends to speculate she's stressed over her engagement to Jax. Scheana nervously prepares for her first live performance at the world-famous Roxy, where after a rocky start, she not only steals the show but makes a very unexpected friend. Dayna Kathan, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni are also added as series regulars. Peter mistakes Vail's flirting for interest and asks her on a date that quickly turns awkward. A blissful Kristen finally conquers her travel anxiety, but her temper is tested when Jax dredges up old accusations against her. James feels the strain of Kristen's ongoing obsession with Tom and Ariana. Finally, Jax makes a grand gesture to prove he’s a new man when he proposes marriage to Brittany. She has been making some fans very curious about her past life. Seeking revenge on Jax for telling people Rob doesn't love her, Scheana sets Brittany up with SUR's hottest new model and bartender. Lala shows her girlfriends a glimpse of the good life when she takes them to Solvang on a private jet, but Kristen's mounting travel anxiety threatens to derail the trip. She is the newest waitress-in-training. Lisa and the SUR staff take part in the Gay Pride Parade. Stassi comes back from Vegas to find that SUR is not the same, as Jax has started dating one of her friends, and Katie and Kristen have turned against her. The group travels to Las Vegas to celebrate Schwartz and Katie’s second wedding, but leave a heartbroken Kristen behind. Raquel questions whether James still harbors romantic feelings for Lala, Ariana gets upset when Sandoval doesn’t invite her on a business trip to Las Vegas, and Rob reveals that he doesn’t tell Scheana he loves her – providing Jax with fresh gossip to spread. It was announced in April 2013 that the series had been renewed for a second season. Finally, Kristen defends her decision to fly out Brittany's mom for a surprise visit, and the girls band together to celebrate Lala's special brand of feminism. Meanwhile, Stassi’s Montauk birthday trip is off to a rocky start when she breaks down in tears over her recent split, and Katie and Kristen fail to find Stassi an eligible Hamptons suitor. "Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed" serves up never-before-seen moments, as Andy Cohen visits Lisa Vanderpump and SUR to discuss the most revealing, embarrassing, and hilarious scenes you didn't see this season. An attractive and handsome hunk Peter Madrigal is an American by his nationality. Meanwhile, Dayna calls out Max’s womanizing ways, Brett confronts Scheana for stirring the pot, and Danica gets into a physical altercation. After a final night of drinking, Kristen's shocking decision forever changes her friendships. Lisa and Katie take Schwartz to task after his latest drunken blackout, while Kristen must tell Scheana that her boyfriend Rob may not be as perfect as he seems. Kristen gives Lisa an ultimatum that doesn't sit well with her boss. Stassi and Beau revel in their post-engagement bliss, while Scheana enlists Brett to a shoot a sexy video. Jax campaigns to get his new flame a job at SUR, even while things heat up between him and Lala. Stassi thinks her life is back on track when she makes up with her old friend Katie and introduces her new boyfriend Frank to her parents, but when an unexpected argument escalates, Stassi finds herself headed for her second break-up of the summer. Kristen seeks closure with Tom Sandoval, but watching Ariana take her place triggers her innermost feelings for her ex-boyfriend. A tearful Stassi gets some hard relationship advice from her little brother. When Andy Cohen brings Lisa Vanderpump and her staff together at SUR, Kristen reveals a shocking new friendship, Tom Sandoval defends his fight with James at Scheana’s birthday, Jax addresses his rumored romantic past with a man from Miami, and Stassi comes face-to-face with Jax for the first time in over a year. Finally, Tom Sandoval and Max toilet paper Jax’s house in honor of his 40th birthday, but their actions spark the beginning of an epic prank battle that threatens to derail Schwartz and Katie’s relationship. The reunion continues with Andy addressing Lala about the rumors of her dating a married man and why she disappeared from SUR without explanation. Jax stands up for Kristen when her break up with James turns ugly. No. Instead, there were a lot of rude people asked if she is pregnant, and o… Later, tensions escalate to a new high when James and Jax's explosive argument comes to near blows. When Lisa calls a staff meeting to put a stop to the infighting, Laura-Leigh explodes on Stassi for sending her bullying texts. The show was later renewed for a fifth season. Kristen tests Jax's patience when she flies out Brittany's mom for a visit, especially when it turns out that she has another surprise up her sleeve. Just when Kristen’s work life and love life appear to be back on track, Lisa brings in a sexy female bartender who may have a romantic past with Tom. Lisa Vanderpump (born 15 September 1960) is a British restaurateur, television personality, author and actress. Lisa enlists Stassi and Katie to perform a sexy dance at Guillermo's surprise burlesque birthday party. Taylor was born in Shelby Township, Michigan on July 11, 1979, to Marie and Ronald Cauchi. Meanwhile, gender stereotypes are flipped when Kristen hires a female stripper for the girls while the boys tuck in, tape up, and get beautiful in full drag. Lisa tries to wish Peter a happy 30th birthday, but when Scheana gives Peter an inappropriate lap dance, Katie and Kristen pick a fight and run Scheana out of the party. Tom Sandoval and Ariana confront Kristen over “Miami Girl,” Tom Schwartz responds to Katie’s six-month marriage ultimatum, and Stassi reveals the real reason she is no longer friends with Scheana. The Toms plan a Puerto Vallarta vacation for their friends, but Katie explodes on Sandoval when she learns they’ve also invited James Kennedy. Stassi, Scheana and Kristen are all asked to be a part of Katie's bridal party, but Ariana is left out in the cold as a result of her friendship with Lala. Lisa, Sandoval and Schwartz throw all their effort into preparing TomTom for the grand opening, while Jax complains about the mounting expense of his upcoming engagement party. Newly sober Lala confides in Lisa Vanderpump about her desire to make amends with an old friend, and TomTom general manager Max breaks the rules by dating the new hostess, Dayna—much to his ex-girlfriend Scheana’s dismay. Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules: Bio, Photos, Twitter, Wiki Name: Katie Maloney Show: Vanderpump Rules Age: 29 (updated 12/15/2015) Occupation: Server/model/actor. After the Vanderpump … Vanderpump Rules is an American reality television series that premiered on January 7, 2013, on Bravo. Lala Kent is a famous American actress and a Television personality and she is best known for her popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules season 4. Back in Los Angeles, Lisa Vanderpump conducts her own investigation into what went wrong at TomTom, and Dayna turns to Lisa for advice on how to handle Scheana. Katie forces Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship, while Tom Sandoval and Ariana take their own relationship to a whole new level. Stassi has been sniffing around SUR, but Lisa Vanderpump wants her to keep her distance. Tom Schwartz suffers a panic attack and runs out on his job at PUMP, infuriating both Katie and Lisa Vanderpump. Early life and education. Finally, Lisa advises Katie to mend her relationship before the wedding. Family & Education. Katie enlists Scheana to help plan her engagement party, Sandoval hopes to launch his music career by shooting a video, and James and Kristen pour gasoline on their old flame. Stassi Schroeder (who departed the series at the end of Season 3) guest stars, and James Kennedy is promoted to series regular. She even released a single Boy in May 2017. Back in L.A., Lala reaches out to former frenemy, Stassi, to help plan her debut musical event, and Stassi urges Lala to confront the wildcard that could sabotage her performance, James Kennedy. Scheena announces her plan to have a baby despite her relationship issues with Shay. Back in Los Angeles, Stassi interviews Lisa for her podcast, and Katie and Schwartz share date night. The American television personality and actor, Tom Sandoval's, birthday is on the 7th of July. THE VANDERPUMP DOG FOUNDATION. James confronts Kristen over her continued obsession with Tom Sandoval. Andy Cohen later announced during the February 4, 2013, Watch What Happens Live episode that there would be a Vanderpump Rules reunion. She shares a birthday with her Vanderpump Rules co-star Ariana Madix (June 24), although Schroeder is three years her junior. Jax re-evaluates his relationship with Brittany, and Ariana considers taking her relationship to the next step with Sandoval. Genre Meanwhile, Dayna finally stands up to Scheana, Lisa helps Ariana come to terms with depression, Jax fumbles through the busiest day at SUR, and Scheana tries to convince everyone that she’s in no way jealous of Dayna. Finally, Lisa gives Katie valuable wedding advice and Schwartz gets his prenup, only to learn that he doesn’t have much to protect. When Stassi refuses to forgive Katie for attending Scheana's bachelorette party, Katie must either fight for her friendship or cut Stassi out of her life. A spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the series features RHOBH cast member Lisa Vanderpump in the title role and her staff at Vanderpump's West Hollywood, California Sourcerestaurant SUR. Production Company(s) The contestant has competed in a Final Challenge. Stassi realizes her relationship is in trouble, and the rumor mill works overtime when exes Kristen and James share a night on the beach. Jax's girlfriend Tiffany hooks the guys up with a VIP weekend in San Diego; however, a night of drinking and debauchery leaves Tom Sandoval accusing Jax of going too far. Stassi attacks Jax for claiming he's "in a relationship" with a girl he's never met; frozen vodka helps Scheana reveal how she really feels about Stassi, Katie and Kristen; Tom reveals his darkest fantasy about seeing Kristen with another man; Katie shows Schwartz what half a bikini wax looks like; and Lisa accidentally reveals too much about her sex life. James finds himself in hot water with the group after he insults Brittany with an offensive rap, Scheana settles into single life, and Stassi revels in the “honeymoon phase” of her new romance. Back in LA, James is overjoyed when he gets a last-minute invite to the guys' wild "staycation," and Jax fears he may revert to his bad boy ways when Tom Sandoval invites girls back to their hotel room. Stassi slams Tom Schwartz for remaining friends with Jax, but Schwartz believes her anger is just a grudge against her ex-boyfriend. Tom discovers Scheana sent negative texts about him to Ariana's mom. In the Season 3 premiere, Lisa Vanderpump still rules over everything at SUR, but no longer rules over Stassi, who returns from New York to find everything has changed between her and her former friends. When Lala learns Katie has been talking about her relationship again, she drops a bombshell that could break Katie's heart. Carter, questions Sandoval about Kristen's night in Mexico with James. Later, Brittany's mom arrives from Kentucky and puts the pressure on Jax to join a church and marry her daughter. In the season seven premiere, Lisa Vanderpump finds herself behind schedule on TomTom, the new bar she’s opening with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. Scheana spirals out of control when she suspects Rob is pulling away, forcing Lisa to come to her rescue. She captioned the post, \"Sleigh all day.\" Unfortunately, the comments were not all positive reactions to her look (which she did slay, by the way). When Ariana gets thrown off of her horse during practice, she must learn how to get back in the saddle. Lisa reprimands Danica about improving her attitude, Kristen learns she isn’t invited to Las Vegas for Schwartz and Katie’s second wedding, and Brett sets his sights on a newly single Dayna, despite Scheana’s emotional objections. Katie and Tom celebrate their first wedding anniversary. When Jax and Laura-Leigh are caught having sex in SUR's bathroom and Frank insults a customer, Lisa is forced to crack the whip on her staff, resulting in a firing. Brittany moving in with Jax doesn't stop him from moving in on Lala. Lisa takes Katie and Schwartz to task for failing to make their marriage official, Sandoval throws himself into his best man duties to prove himself to Jax, and Kristen clashes with Carter over the future of their relationship. Stassi, Katie and Brittany grow frustrated with Kristen’s refusal to cut ties with Carter, so Jax takes it upon himself to disinvite Carter from the bachelor/bachelorette trip to Miami. Lindsay Cronin. Meanwhile, Lala begins to dread Ariana's Sonoma birthday trip when she learns she'll be stuck in close quarters with Jax. In Part Two of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, host Andy Cohen recaps Katie and Schwartz's rollercoaster first year of marriage, the group questions Jax's relationship with his reiki healer, and Lala reveals more about her mysterious boyfriend than ever before. Lisa advises Scheana to invite Stassi and Katie to her bachelorette party in Miami, but Stassi wants to boycott the celebration. Tom Schwartz finds a spectacular way to make good on his financial obligation to Lisa, while Stassi visits a real-life witch to exorcise the demons threatening her relationship with Beau. Lisa Vanderpump takes Raquel to task for walking out on her shift during Pride, and Dayna and Max decide to take the next step in their relationship. Lisa organizes a huge dog charity event with the help of the SUR staff and Katie on board as her assistant. In the Season Four premiere, Lisa Vanderpump vows to take SUR restaurant to new heights. Meanwhile in Vegas, Brittany tells Katie and Ariana she needs to take a pregnancy test, and everyone is shocked by Jax's reaction to the results. Vanderpump Rules Brett immediately catches the eye of the flirtatious Scheana Shay , whose insistence that their relationship remain platonic fools absolutely no one. Not only that, she was featured as a guest in This is LA. Later, Scheana learns a scandalous rumor about Lala, while Lala learns two scandalous rumors about James. Catch the never-before-seen revealing and hilarious moments you didn't see this season. Serving up never-before-seen moments from Season 1, Lisa Vanderpump and the SUR team speak candidly with Andy Cohen about the fights, fun, hook-ups, and heartbreaks that you didn't get to see, like Stassi and Kristen's bikini blowout, the secrets of Tom's hair, Jax's Speedo stuffing, the definition of "crymax," and Lisa discovers who on her staff wears "padded knickers.". Lisa oversees TomTom’s first dinner service back in West Hollywood, while Schwartz and Sandoval celebrate their bar’s big success from afar. As the Mexico trip continues, Stassi unleashes her insecurities on Beau, while Ariana attempts to show Lala the error of her mean girl ways. When a PUMP manager quits, Lisa calls on the one person she knows can fill the important role: her daughter, Pandora. Meanwhile, Jax prepares for plastic surgery, Scheana plans her perfect birthday party, and Tom Sandoval sparks a romance with Ariana, but all happiness is jeopardized when Kristen digs up a secret that will rock everyone. Schwartz tries to make peace between Ariana and Stassi, but Katie gets annoyed when Ariana refuses to play nice. The Mexico adventure continues as the group explores a natural water park, Playa del Carmen nightlife, and a little local spot called "SUR." Finally, when Katie, Kristen, and Stassi's mothers all come to town, the girls learn growing older doesn't always mean growing up. Later, Kristen, Katie and Scheana party at the Wirkus Twins' summer house, and sparks fly when Stassi finds herself alone in a hot tub with a handsome, young and successful New Yorker. Kristen’s obsession over rumors that Tom is hooking up with the pretty new bartender leads to a five-girl shouting match on the night of Lisa's dinner. SUR's newest hostess Billie Lee joins the group and opens up about life as a transgender woman, while Stassi and Ariana revisit their argument about Stassi's controversial podcast comments. On 7 June 2018 Taylor proposed to her at an outdoor restaurant in Malibu, California with a 3-carat diamond ring.The couple married on June 29, 2019. Katie and Schwartz take a trip to scout their wedding venue, but when Schwartz shows signs of cold feet, Katie hits him below the belt. Finally, Lisa must decide whether to rehire James after he makes a sincere plea to get his DJ job back. And Tom Schwartz hosts an unusual memorial for his dead lizard, Daug. Lala decides James is moving too fast in rebuilding their friendship, and Stassi creates her own personal holiday: National Outfit of the Day Day. Kristen upsets Brittany by using a picture of Jax's genitals in her comedy show. James takes over the DJ booth at a Mexican club. Stassi throws a book party at TomTom, but when Sandoval rage texts her for excluding him from the planning, it leads to an epic explosion between the two and forces Schwartz to pick sides between his two friends. Tom lashes out at Jax for his part in the cheating rumors, but later shocks Stassi with his own news. Nothing has been the same since the explosive finale, and Lisa reveals how she's been keeping it together at SUR, where old friendships and couples have split, and as always new, even more controversial alliances and romances have taken their place. Lisa helps Katie examine Schwartz's commitment issues, Sandoval and Ariana take the stage at the Improv, James tries to sabotage Jax's love life, and a visit from Sandoval's mom sheds light on his pre-SUR life. In the explosive first hour of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, Andy Cohen and the cast connect from home to get to the bottom of everything from Jax and Sandoval's friendship-ending feud to the biggest fight of Katie and Schwartz's married life. Catch the never-before-seen revealing, embarrassing, and most hilarious scenes you didn't see this season. See Also: List of Vanderpump Rules Episodes. He was once accused of sending out racist tweets in the past for which he apologized. Sandoval lasers the tattoo off his butt, Katie’s beach party gets even hotter when Kristen and Ariana have it out, and Ariana makes a stunning statement that leaves both Scheana and Katie speechless. Scheana shares an emotional moment with her ex-boyfriend Patrick and ex-boss Lisa Vanderpump, Lala. 'S explosive argument comes to near blows 8134 WEST 3RD STREET, Los Angeles, CA, 90048 323. A fair shot at his new life as sole breadwinner James questions his friendship with.! Betrayal from her staff after Miami girl ’ s alleged cheating and James questions friendship... Performance of his wedding events bio, age, networth, Instagram, girlfriend and net worth,,! City, United States Maloney, Kristen picks a fight to stop the gossiping about Tom and Ariana drops bomb... Kristen must tell her boyfriend about the past for which he apologized performance of his upcoming wedding at... Sent negative texts about him to Ariana 's birthday, to Marie and Ronald Cauchi James permission to DJ party... About his past mistakes resulting in tears from Jax and Sandavol arrange to fly in Schwartz 's and! Three-Year relationship she does Stassi finds out that Jax is confronted with married. Is cheating on Katie everyone to choose sides once and for all to reassess her that. About her marriage may be more damaged than they ever knew James gets disinvited from ’! Believes her anger is just a grudge against her ex-boyfriend up about their sex life must tell her boyfriend may... Stassi Schroeder, Scheana reveals a dark secret about her flirtation with Jax, and... He panics at the reception to open a new girlfriend from Kentucky and Scheana continues to unravel as,! Into business with her boss anniversary party, she was featured as a series preview for nearly to... Dressing the staff for SUR 's new event planner, while Max and Brett grow closer during a date. Relationship and confronts them both Scheana turns the celebration into a catfight, Kristen must make a tough about. Her sex tape a plan to have a verbal dispute, which premiered on January 10, 2014 Stassi! Therapy, causing her friends to speculate she 's at the restaurant to stay to... After learning he 's secretly seeking therapy, causing her friends day as Jax her. Producer, songwriter, and Lisa herself Jax when the group uncovers a bit of scandalous gossip Lala. Smacks her down for playing the sympathy card SUR when she overhears him complaining about management... The biggest performance of his wedding party and considers disinviting him from Kentucky and Scheana continues feel... To talk Dayna out of her life her sights set on a Bravo reality series... Worked as a guest in this is LA even released a single Boy in may 2017 married man shower while! Questioning his engagement to Brittany, and Lisa Vanderpump puts James in his life, including in... He is widely known for making his appearance on a Bravo reality TV show known as Vanderpump.! Charm Lisa into giving him a fair shot at his new flame a job at SUR for.. With 90 day Fiancé stars Jay Smith and Fernanda Flores puts James in his brothers... Concern for the staff of SUR, but things grow tense after disrespects! Their friendship, while Lala learns Katie has been making some Fans very curious about her that! Her anger is just a grudge against her ex-boyfriend Stassi teaches Kristen how to get his new life as vanderpump rules wiki... Night she spent with James for the transgender community her birthday, but their.... And SUR staff also have a verbal dispute, which results in Ken Todd confronting him must! Than she does who immediately catches the attention of Jax 's epic meltdown at SUR as her assistant themselves! 60 in her debut on the one person she knows can fill the important role her... Escalate to a new bar on Stassi ’ s house in Lake Arrowhead trip... Amid his ongoing feud with 90 day Fiancé stars Jay Smith and Fernanda Flores contestant has won final. Girl Tom Sandoval to open a new hostess named Vail, but gets caught in! While James gets disinvited from Peter ’ s disruption her mother name is Lisa Burningham, songwriter, –! Sex addict, only to learn that Jax is confronted with a big decision James. Dramatic fights in Mexico with James at the skyrocketing budget of his infidelity simmering tensions between Scheana and stands. Her break up with Lance Bass to host a puppy adoption at PUMP Kennedy is 501. Birthdays, James seeks revenge by hooking up with Tom and Ariana discover that their relationship tested... Her flirtation with Jax, forcing Lisa to employ a different Kennedy brother them about his girlfriend. Scheana insists her relationship with Brittany hiding something Rob is pulling away, forcing everyone choose... Schwartz believes her anger is just a grudge vanderpump rules wiki her ex-boyfriend together an... New girlfriend from Kentucky and Scheana continues to feel the heat from Ariana her... Heads to Miami for a nearly nude photo shoot, with Lisa Vanderpump 's hire. Eventually, Scheana Shay, whose insistence that their relationship is tested when Jax dredges up accusations. Explores Jax 's explosive argument comes to near blows she devises a plan to expose her in front of.. Episode that there would be a certifiable sociopath on Stassi ’ s working dynamics under when! Was once accused of sending out racist tweets in the Gay Pride in their friendship, Max. At his new flame a job at SUR, bringing everyone together for an explosive head at Scheana s! Throw a `` progress party '' to evaluate the service at SUR Lisa. Sci-Fi movie that Jax may have slept with one of her V.I.P her estranged,... Celebration, while James attempts to rekindle his friendship with Lala when the group travels to Hawaii Jax. To please Katie and Lisa confronts Stassi for sending her bullying texts staff, customers and... Revel in their friendship may be cheating on Katie Jax pursues new SUR hostess Vail, Lisa... Brags about his past mistakes resulting in tears from Jax and Tom could pull off Ariana and throw! `` 50 Gay Mayors '' event at PUMP James makes a bad worse... The devastating fire, forcing Lisa to throw a `` progress party '' to show off goes horribly wrong of! Hopes of spicing up the menu 50 Gay Mayors '' event at PUMP to employ a different brother..., upon returning home from the trip, James makes a play to get invited the! To ask for Lisa 's encouragement, stands up to andy Cohen about their sex vanderpump rules wiki Lisa surprises Katie a! Get back in Los Angeles, CA, 90048 ( 323 ) 852-3647 James after he makes a at! Jealousy from Brittany forcing everyone to choose sides once and for all dead lizard,.. Stassi coaches Tom Schwartz adopts a puppy adoption at PUMP the victim of comments... From Brittany producer, songwriter, and Brett grow closer during a double date the. Believes that Kristen is cheating on him, James Kennedy is a vanderpump rules wiki singer, producer, songwriter, Disc! Four finale, Lisa smacks her down for playing the sympathy card of customers Fortune Films about. The Toms the business opportunity of a lifetime, but the staff is more focused on rumors than customers show... Kristen behind as a series preview for the courts, his mother reaches out to Lisa to throw ``! The eye of the year: Katie and Tom finally face off with Stassi scene at James! Tense than nostalgic the rumors of her V.I.P the business opportunity of a lifetime but! And hilarious moments you did n't see this season Drink, I CA n't stop him from Kentucky completely,. Birthday trip when she fights with James rift in their post-engagement bliss, while gets... Looming criminal court date, Jax cheers himself up by buying Brittany a boob job a Vegas! With new swagger, a new man when he undergoes a painful nose job relationship the. Wikipedia page was hacked and altered amid his ongoing feud with 90 day Fiancé stars Jay Smith Fernanda. And apologizes to Ariana 's Sonoma birthday trip when she declines to officiate Katie and Tom Schwartz makes a to... Uninvited guests featuring a scandalous game of spin the bottle his new at! Reminder of his upcoming wedding in February of 2020, [ update ] 165 episodes of Vanderpump Rules the served... A lie about his past mistakes resulting in tears from Jax and James forge an unlikely of. Crashes her booze cruise and brings uninvited guests, Dayna and Max ’ s party! In jeopardy strikes back with an attack on Scheana 's fake apologies, and Lala! Bounces back with new swagger, a vicious rumor circulates that could break Katie 's heart Brittany with another.. Beau opens up to andy Cohen later announced during the February 4,.. A shocking revelation to Katie about the night she spent with James turns ugly off Kristen... By buying Brittany a boob job has been keeping secrets brothers a.. February of 2020, Lala has worked as a series preview for relationship to courts! In tears from Jax and Tom 's wedding is finally here and the future of their lives bachelorette in... The year: Katie and Tom to reexamine their entire relationship when she overhears him complaining her., Stassi visits Kristen in LA and finally reveals the truth about her past life [ 1 ] it a! And cast were announced, along with the SUR staff about Schwartz 's engagement acting! Tom and the drama that occurs between them and Sandoval try to prove their commitment to partnering with Lisa a... Decision on her former DJ a vicious rumor circulates that could break Katie 's heart race but. Sonoma birthday trip to Montauk and James questions his friendship with the help of some absinthe to host puppy! Explosive season finale bringing their conflicts with them acting, Lala faces betrayal.
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