It was just fine. The AC runs by changing the state and pressure of a liquid, and compressing the liquid is a big part of that cycle. It’s for this reason that compressor problems are not unheard of even on the most prestigious cars. Hi Can I use my air compressor to check for leaks in my ac lines in stead of nitrogen. I would still look for the relay and pull it, though. This will allow the compressor drive and the engine to … Maybe if you had a stretch limo you could cover the roof with panels and run the smallest car air conditioner available. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the AC compressor may cycle off for a while until there is a change in your car’s temperature. If cold is not an issue, the break will allow atmosphere into the lines and will cause the death of the drier. It won’t affect anything else. Read more: ^ ( Therefore, it’s best to activate the A/C for at least 10 minutes every 30 days between November and February to ensure it doesn’t take a permanent rest. My air conditioning quit working and a grinding noise under the hood so I went to the local mechanic. if compressor is removed can belt bypass that and car still run? Put a thermometer in the interior AC vent while running the system on max setting and high blower speed. Ask Your Own HVAC Question. For instance, hot hotter days, the cooler you set your AC, the more the compressor has to work to maintain the desired temperature. One of the first signs which is really to recognize symptoms of bad AC compressor is the AC no longer blowing as cold as it did. Then yes but because this is probably a serpentine belt with a spring tensioner it is highly unlikely. In theory it is possible to drive your car without using the clutch. The clutch has a friction plate located next to an electromagnetic coil. In fact, you might notice a very little, but noticeable power gain, as well as slightly better gas mileage. Category: HVAC. I had to get it towed to the shop. The engine makes a rattling sound on the passenger side. My compressor for some reason started burning really bad in traffic. But I just realized today that that could also mean my heater is also broken. It does it all the time regardless of the AC running or not. I dont have money to replace the compressor, so shutting down the compressor is my only way, I heard leaking a/c compressor can start breaking metallic parts and destroy other A/c system parts if not removed. What Kind Of Sound Does The AC Compressor Make When It Is Going Bad. My Pontiac was just fine with “benign neglect” of non-essentials. Before I took it there, I had burned out the AC Compressor. The system’s computer keeps the relay grounded but it can go on and off due to the bad switch. My car was having trouble starting. Can you bypass an ac compressor in a 98 dodge ram 1500? When I was finishing law school and flat broke, my car’s cruise control broke, as did the AC compressor and several other non-essential things. no problem driving it without the ac belt, as long as it doesnt run anything else. Answered in 8 minutes by: 4/12/2009 . bad ac compressor symptoms which you may see when your car has a bad AC compressor. Depends on why it's not working. The idea of all cars having air conditioning is a fairly recenet one. My husband is stuck about 35 miles away and is trying to find a quick fix to get home, then we will replace the compressor this weekend. Run all other pulleys with a belt Online auto repair questions, problems and troubleshooting. I have a ’92 Ford Explorer with a 4.0L engine. I think it's the AC clutch or the compressor. Freon . My 2001 nissan maxima ac compressor has froze up and broke the belt, can I take the ac compressor off and replace the belt and still drive the car. Following these symptoms will give you a basic knowledge to diagnose your car. My AC compressor started whining today, and I was wondering if I could take the belt off and run it safely without the belt until summer. A damaged or failing compressor will not be … 4 people found this helpful. 3 replies Report. The car is not making any noises or anything. To make the A/C work, it requires a compressor to act on the refrigerant, and the compress runs off of the engine, not the battery. How Much Horsepower Will Headers Pulleys An X Pipe Add, Im geting bbk long tube headers and a off road x pipe and underdrive pulleys i was wondering how much horse power that would add, I have a ’03 Cavalier with a 2.2 Ecotec and i wanna swap the O.E.M crank pulley with a underdrive pulley. You won't kill the compressor if you were wondering. the compressor has nothing to do with the engine unless the belt is on it. It is correct that when that occurs you need to do a complete flush to ensure you have nothing that will internally damage your new compressor. So its probably best to pull over and wait to be towed. You won't get far with a broken belt. While you can find yourself driving in the cold winter season, consider what you to do when summer knocks. Show More. As long as all of the other accessories are be run from the engine Show Less. Can the AC compressor be disconnected and the van still run ok. Also will the heat still work. Mark Henley, Journeyman Technician. Because a/c wasent standerd. 2. Regular Central Ac Units by: Dadan If it regular central ac units. Automotive air conditioning system uses an electromagnetic clutch mechanism that engages the compressor to turn the AC unit. If it's the compressor making the noise and not the pulley/clutch, that should work. December 03, 2012. cannot replace now but need car. I’d personally remove the compressor if possible. We cannot talk about a compressor without mentioning this vital part. The car ac compressor is under more stress than any other component in the automotive air conditioning system. Start and run the engine while monitoring the gauges (never at any point should you open the high-side valve). (FTR I don't think a shorter belt for bypassing pulleys even exists, and if you use an incorrect size belt it can fall off and cause way more trouble than it's worth. However, this could damage your cars gearbox in the long run. Determine the length of the new shorter belt your.mechanic on . Stingray. Without seeing your car, from your description I would have to concur with your friend who said the compressor is locked up. Yes.It’s OK to drive. Turn the keg or can over so that the liquid refrigerant will be flowing through the can's valve. Without it, your breath will freeze on the inside until the car is warm enough to unthaw it. Ordered whole ac compressor cause you cant buy pulley separately. They can be one of the most expensive issues you experience with your vehicle over it’s normal life cycle. Actually, a car's air-conditioning system can run for years without recharging if properly maintained. Wow…everyone assuming and nobody knows. (I am glad that the heater waited to go kablooey until March, though, since I was north of Chicago!) Freon is the brand name of a type of air-conditioning refrigerant gas manufactured by DuPont Chemicals. So my car is at a DMC vendor getting worked on. I saw the smelled the smoke so i pulled over, shut off my engine and a/c and the belt was literitly burnt to the compressor pulley. My car has 126000 miles. Visual Inspection. But, it'd run fine once it got going. If the AC is turned on, the clutch becomes “energized” and “engages” the armature plate of the compressor belt and compressor drive. Unhooked the compressor and started it back up and drove home. I know i put as well, I Have A ’92 Ford Explorer. Online auto repair questions, problems and troubleshooting. If the compressor is locked up, it can lead to a shredded serpentine belt. Do you have any question about your car problem, or maybe you want to know about specific parts of your car? NO problem …. I got suggestion from this page as well from other mechanic pages that I can turn off the fuse to shut down my leaking A/C compressor. While the A/C compressor can benefit from the relative lack of wear during winter months, it can also stagnate if left to hibernate during this time. The compressor ran a seprate belt from the underdrive pulley so it dident go to any of the accessories (like the alternator, power steering pump ect.) If it's just not blowing cold air, you can drive forever like that. Granted, the functions in question here are not limited to the A/C in all vehicles. It wouldn't heat the house much, but it better than nothing. Read more: ^( ^(…, In a word, YES, but you’ll have to get a shorter belt so that it can be tensioned correctly with the compressor out of the equation, as you still need to run the alternator etc…. You can drive your car without either of those belts. Asked by marid in Lincoln, NE on . Do you have any question about your car problem, or maybe you want to know about specific parts of your car? I know i wont have a/c anymore but other then that its ok to drive now right? No leaks either. will that effect any other parts? It wouldn't works. Put the AC on MAX before checking the compressor. No check engine light on or messages on the message board inside the car. So its probably best to pull over and wait to be towed. In theory it is possible to drive your car without using the clutch. The air becomes too hot. Completely fine. Then, my AC suddenly started shooting out humid air. I do suggest, though, that you contact a Nissan dealership to ask about your particular model! But, wouldn't the AC compressor just affect my air conditioner? HVAC Technician: Mark Henley, Journeyman Technician replied 11 years ago. Otherwise it's pulley time. Before starting the next step of diagnosis, you should know that a low-pressure switch can create problems with the compressor clutch’s relay in some car models. Or never turn the A/C on. Nissans might be different. You still could use the emergency heat. Question: What Is My A/c Gauges Supposed To Read, I have 07 dodge ram select up 1500 claims on specs 1.0lb freon 10oz’s. Related Questions. 2004 Nissan Maxima ABS, SLIP, VDC OFF And BRAKE Lights Are On. My '89 Toyota pickup didn’t even have AC. Working Method 2. But is that all? Even with a spare battery, this would not work. The most important of such parts is the refrigerant. 3000 watts of solar panels works out to about 8ft by 30ft which is way to large to place on the roof of a car. Submitted: 11 years ago. sounds like your compressor locked up and will have to be replaced. The problem is i cant find one for, Car Repair Manuals and Tips on Common Car Problems. They draw about 50W or 3.5A@12V so you could continue running it for an hour or so without worrying too much about flattening your battery, although having a second battery would be a real bonus. Other brands of R-22 refrigerant gas are made by other manufacturers. In a normal car, there is no way to run the A/C without running the car. If you bolted an electric compressor onto the car you would have to find a way to switch between the mechanical and the electric compressor, and that no one makes. Incoming search terms: Can An Engine Run Without A Condensor,E46 Can Run Without Ac Compressor. Trust us; your car AC compressor can trick you easily. As to driving without it, you can do that forever. However, you won't get very far without the belt that turns your alternator. Popular Questions. All you have to do is find the AC compressor of your car and then inspect it visually. They're telling me it's the AC compressor. Tags: Ac Compressor, Dodge, Dodge Ram 1500. It will be just the right length to bypass your ac totally…but pay attention to your belt routing diagram and make VERY SURE than you are on the water pump right or you could do a LOT of damage. It froze up and now the pully wont turn and the truck wont run right.. any ideas? You also need to do this if you ever have a warranty claim. I would but i dont know how to drain the freon safely…Isent it a HUGE fine from the EPA if you release it into the air? He says long trips are safe. He said I do not have to fix it, the pulley is a free spinning pulley and the serpentine belt will be safe as long as I don't engage it. I Do not care to have ac. If you don't mind putting out more money for the drier as well, there shouldn't be too much of an issue. Then this blog is for you, we have tried to collect as many as possible about automotive and accessories related topics. It is normal for your car’s AC compressor to cycle on and off. get it fixed later. No harm will come from driving it. 1963 Impala Wont Start After Spark Plugs, Distrpitor Wires Replaced, Can I Tow My Tent Camper Behind A Rental Moving Truck, 1992 Chevy C1500 350 5.7ltr Will Not Turn On Any Accessories Or Try To Turn Over, What Can I Do, Can A Catalytic Converter Cause A Car To Loose Power, Service Engine Soon Light On In ’02 Lancer Catalytic Converter, They Say That My Cars Catalytic Converter Is Bad But Is It, Does My 1982 Camaro Need Catalytic Converters To Pass Inspection. The ac compressor is done for. Category: HVAC. September ; 1963 Impala Wont Start After Spark Plugs, Distrpitor Wires Replaced September ; Can I Tow My Tent Camper Behind A Rental Moving Truck April ; 1992 Chevy C1500 350 5.7ltr Will Not Turn On Any … A/c compressor seized,broke belt.can car operate without a/c compressor? Everything runs and drives fine. You can buy an AC compressor bypass pulley at any auto parts store, that way you can keep the stock serpentine belt. No matter the AC runs or not, try to stick to the fact that the AC is not affording you the cool temperature. Without the compressor you don't have any cooling. Answer. The pulley just popped off. When the system is cooling at 30 to 36 degrees, your AC is charged. Since car air conditioning systems get turned on and off constantly, this power fluctuation puts a lot of stress on the compressor. AC compressors endure a lot of stress. 2009 Hyundai Sonata. it's ok to run the heater. IF this is Heat Pump units and you have problem with the compressor units. If it was my car, I wouldn't want to drive it long term without putting the delete pulley on. Even in '72, when I bought my first new car, AC was an option not common to orddinary (non-luxury) cars. You can get batteries with higher capacity than a normal car battery if it doesn't have to be able to provide hundreds of amps to crank your engine and it doesn't matter if it goes flat. Popular Answer. After I got my first job and had a couple of months of salary I had the non-essentials repaired. 1. The noise picks up tempo as I accelerate. The car cranks up and runs fine. So i took out a knife and cut the belt. The car ac compressor is composed of many other different parts. do not touch the refrigerant. If the compressor is on a belt by itself, I guess you could remove the belt. Depending on the car you might have to remove the compressor, to get a smaller belt to use. I told them to hold off on fixing the compressor because money is tight and I live in a place where I don't really need AC until maybe August. To run this compressor, the car’s engine is directly connected to the pump rotor of the compressor with a belt.,, Car Repair Manuals and Tips on Common Car Problems, Can You Still Drive With A Frozen Compressor. Electric cars run the compressor directly off of the high voltage DC battery which actually reduces the range of the car significantly.

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