In Exquisite Corpse, Marcel is standing guard over Rebekah while she sleeps. Damon does not answer. However, Rebekah can be just as bad as her half-brother Klaus, although she is intelligent and calculating, Rebekah is extremely reckless and impulsive far more then Klaus; although Klaus is known to be reckless and impulsive, he never does something to draw unwanted attention to himself, like when she summoned Mikael to New Orleans to "kill" Klaus because she could no longer take his cruelty, she had a change of heart, however, it was too late, as this action of hers, not only backfired but Mikael also burned New Orleans to the ground. After missing the dance, Rebekah calls Caroline to help with cleaning up after the dance even though she didn't get to attend. When Rebekah enters the tent, Matt convinces Rebekah to heal April with her blood. Rebekah tells her no, that she doesn't want to risk Sophie's exposure. In The Feast of All Sinners, Rebekah agrees to be one of four vessels who will carry a fourth of the Hollow's spirit. Klaus retorts that they should have one last dinner for his funeral. She is kept there as a hostage, to build up pressure on the Salvatore brothers. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were becoming a halfway decent person." He shows her how they were turned into vampires through his mind. Then, she asks him if he thinks she would make a good human. So she decides to ignore his last call, but her expressions show that she had most likely made up her mind to join her brothers at that point. She asked Genevieve to summon her father, Mikael to New Orleans. Later in the season, Klaus saves her when Kol nearly tries to kill her with a White Oak Stake. Rebekah who, from the incident with Lucien, know that their blood can cure the living, fed Aurora her blood. Rebekah listens to Ayana's conversation with her parents. "Maybe you have a better shot at saving her than you did your mother. When Alexander tells Rebekah that she she'll survive if she runs away with Matt, but Matt won't. Alaric then comes in and fights Rebekah, tosses her aside, and stakes Klaus. When she awakens, even though she states that she feels human, she quickly learns that she is still a vampire and that Katherine tricked them. Rebekah takes Elena's ring and throws it into the garbage disposal. The Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries The Originals Schauspielerinnen Renaissance Kleidung Prinzessin Frau. She was then trapped in the asylum until her sister Freya awakened from her century-long and freed them both with her magic. Marcel lifts the floor and finds the key. She informs Stefan that Elijah spoke to Elena, and that she and Matt would be returning to town soon. Rebekah goes to the burnt down Mikaelson home. In House of the Rising Son, after 3 months, Rebekah finally makes her appearance in New Orleans. The witch Qetsiyah created the immortality spell, cementing their love as eternal. Di seguito sono elencate le creature apparse per la prima volta in The Vampire Diaries.. Vampiri. Rebekah appears distraught as she reveals to Klaus that Hope could be dead in a matter of hours. Klaus yells at Elijah to get away from her so he can kill her and they all vamp out to fight. Durant sa jeunesse, elle fait partie de la chorale de son école . The Vampire Diaries introduced the cure during season 4. Elijah is pleased to see his sister back in her original body, but soon changes the subject when he questions why Hayley isn't answering her cell. She silently berated Klaus for costing the life of an innocent human in his attempt to prove a point to Davina. And to Elena: "But at least you know how he really feels." Elijah Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah all continued living in New Orleans as they had for several centuries. As they enter the house, Kol remarks that the totem isn't here, that he has already searched the house. Kol comes back and throws powder into her face, causing her to go limp and fall. Rebekah asks what has happened to him. She wants him to take the blade out of Elijah. Back home, Rebekah is growing sicker. After remembering how Lucien turned, she dismissed Rebekah, wishing to be left alone. Ans so, Rebekah walked in on Aurora and found her with her wrists bleeding, and she was unconscious. Rebekah asks Elijah what he will do now that Klaus has found purpose, and he is no longer burdened with saving his soul. In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Rebekah is advising Marcel how to behave around Klaus so that he would stay alive. Rebbekah and Matt encounter Connor and Vaughn. En début d'année 2015, il est confirmé qu'elle sera à l'affiche du film d'horreur 47 Meters Down, aux côtés de Mandy Moore[11]. Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him she is holding Elena hostage at the high school. As they are there Timothy who is compelled by Klaus, poisons Davina and himself and Rebekah calls Klaus to ask how to cure them but Klaus refuses to help. Rebekah then asks afterwards if he'll love another girl the same way he loved Elena. Rebekah immediately knows her brother has done something to Elijah and starts shouting insults until he appears from behind a closed door. He responds with that she only had one stake. Marcel doesn't want to take that chance and attempts to convince her not to go through with killing herself. Only he can't be compelled -- something he picked up in Tibet. Character Prompts Original Vampire Phoebe Tonkin Claire Holt Vampire Diaries The Originals Films Fandoms Characters Actresses. They are the younger Mikaelson siblings and love doing mischief together. Sage also manages to get into Damon's head and discovers that Damon had been planning to kill all the Originals including her true love Finn, so she betrays Damon and warns Rebekah about Damon's plans to kill her and her family. As they are cooperating with Sophie to complete the harvest Rebekah wants to make deal with her that when the witches have their power back she would like them as her allies. Later, Rebekah meets with Elijah and asks him to give her the cure stating that she wants to be human. Elijah then ends the conversation with saying that their brother must be in trouble when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to find out why. Cassie comes up and recognizes her. She tells Elijah that she thinks someone stole the power during harvest ritual and that she would like to know who so she could make them her allies. They were the ones who betrayed Klaus to Mikael. Matt comes in and tells her off. Genevieve uses a spell to link Klaus' mind to Rebekah's and he discovers she is responsible for bringing Mikael to New Orleans. She also lets slip that Elijah and Davina are talking. Rebekah appeared just in time to break up the fight. They still clash over everything. After that, Elijah and Rebekah went to seek out their elder sister's help as Klaus slowed the process with his insults towards her. As Rebekah sat there bored as ever, she goes through Caroline's phone, only to find a picture of Stefan and Elena together, and spots her mother necklace around Elena's neck. Shortly after, as Kol tries to leave New Orleans, she stands in the road, blocking him from leaving. She then goes to the cemetery to do a spell with Kol, but Kol gets frustrated and tells her that the hex is latched on like a vice. Last seen In Farewell to Storyville, a flashback of a young Rebekah in the late 10th century was shown happily playing in the woods with all of her siblings as they chased each other around and tackled one another. She was exiled from New Orleans, but optimistic of a bright future that awaits her. She meets Esther at the Lycee. Rebekah is known to be called by nicknames. After the death of their young child, , Henrik, Mikael forced his wife Esther to turn all their children into the immortal, so as not to lose them, as well as Henrik and Freya. Their search brings them to a nearby hospital where they find the entire blood supply has been cleaned out. 1. She asks Marcel whether he imagined their next meeting being at a wedding, to which he replies that the relationship between the two is never really over. Rebekah Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᛖᛒᛖᚲᚨᚺ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the former female protagonist of The Originals. In I Would for You, Stefan mentioned her in a conversation he has with Valerie, telling her he smoked recreational herbs with Rebekah, with Valerie guessing right away that she was a bad influence on him. Rebekah returns to New Orleans to take her niece, Hope, and keep her safe from Esther. As Marcel gets up to get her a drink, she begins to have flashes of memory and starts gasping for air. Marcel points out to her that she didn't yes, but she didn't say no either. Throughout her millennium-long life, Rebekah's actions and personality have been heavily influenced by her relationship with Klaus and her desire to live a normal, human life. She talks with Haley and finds out about the fact that Hayley told Davina how Marcel and Klaus had hidden the fact about the witch elders death, causing her to run away. She reveals that Klaus loved Marcel like a son. She then begins to like having a guy around, but her happiness is short lived as Esther comes back to town. Out of all his siblings, he is closest to her and he cares very deeply for her, although he seems to have a lot of difficulty showing her his affection. That night, Klaus gathered everyone at the party and made a toast to Rebekah, thanking her for her loyalty. After seeing how much Esther played with Elijah's mind, she makes the decision to risk her Vampirism and body in order to stop Esther's plan. She tells him it is okay to care. The grenade detonates and spikes shoot into her body, neutralizing her. He reminded her that she's an Original vampire and she revealed again how much she wants to be human because being a vampire is miserable. Rebekah # the vampire diaries. She tells his sister that after promising her and the baby protection, he just took off, according to Klaus. Rebekah is not kept in her own body, revenge enforced by Kol for her betraying him in 1914. Claire Holt fait ses débuts d'actrice en décrochant l'un des rôles principaux de la série australienne H2O dans le rôle de Emma Gilbert. She pounds on the door, but it still won't open. Mikael has always been cruel towards his children after the loss of his first child, Freya, but according to Mikael, he always favored Rebekah, among his other children, probably because she was his daughter and is very similar in appearance to Freya. She hands out flyers and goes into History class, Alaric's old classroom. She says that she can follow people too. Sophie talks a little more about this "extreme faction" of witches, and starts a flashback. She's taken back into her memory of a opera and tells her he'll be home soon. Kol truly cares about her and protects her. They open the door and enter the corridor with the red door at the end, while Kol remarks they are in Elijah's mental maze. At the party she meets the wolf Oliver and spends some time with him, which leads straight her to  the trap. Résumé de l’épisode 22 saison 4 : The Walking Dead Stefan aide Elena à canaliser sa haine contre Katherine. When Genevieve learned that Rebekah used her, she wanted to reveal her secret to Klaus. Cependant, le 25 juillet, Variety a rapporté que Dimension a vendu les droits de distribution à Entertainment Studios. Klaus asks her if he left, if he said where he was going. Rebekah is the only recurring character to appear in almost every episode of a singular season without becoming a main cast member. He shows her a sketch of a house, which he had designed for them to live in and waited to build it if Rebekah would have returned to him. When Kol possessed the body of Kaleb, and he finally saw Rebekah, they were really happy to see each other, even if it were on different sides. The next day, Rebekah/Esther gives Klaus "the last White Oak Stake" and he burns it without hesitation. Near the end of the episode Klaus un-daggers Rebekah. Rebekah refuses to leave when Matt tells her to. Rebekah questions his motives as she knows the sire bond is broken and says he would "just cure Elena back to loving your brother". Rebekah watches silently as Elena and Caroline exchange words. Do you honestly think I would do anything other than the opposite of what she says?" Rebekah's daggered body is found by April. She demanded to know what had happened. "Erase it all, every memory." Gender To Marcel's surprise, Rebekah quickly grabs a blade and jabs it into her neck, killing her. Vampire Diaries Saison 3. As she tries to find out about the stolen power with Thierry they find marks of the sacrificial magic instead. It doesn't take them long to locate the family coffins. RELATED: 5 Ways Teen Wolf And The Vampire Diaries Are Similar (& 5 Ways They're Different) Rebekah is one of the most powerful creatures on the planet, and it's safe to assume that anything that she could get a minion to do is something she can do better. Marcel figured that she would be an emotional mess, so he came up with an idea. Later that night, Rebekah shows up at the Lockwood Mansion to check on Matt. In present time, Klaus points out that Marcel pretty much used her. Marcel promises he's going to get Rebekah out of the cemetery before Klaus hurts her. Rebekah says that she wouldn't ruin a pair of perfectly good boots by traipsing around the bayou for just anybody. Elle semble être la plus jeune des originaux. Rebekah reveals to Stefan that she knows Alaric's one weakness: Elena. He and his crew were getting antsy with so many Originals in town so he did it as a peace offering. Fortunately for her, she was finally able to attend the, Rebekah has met every main character in both shows, except, Rebekah was involved with a vampire hunter named, Rebekah's name was originally "Bex," but it was changed to Rebekah, just like. She swallows nervously before dropping the mask and running from the cave. "Do it," Stefan said. Elena chose dare, but Rebekah cheated: "I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon." Not long after, Marcel appears and reveals that Hope is responsible for putting them in the Chambre de Chasse. Klaus wants Rebekah to admit that she wanted him dead. Rebekah tells her that she doesn't plan on spending another day in the asylum and has got an idea on how to get out, by channeling something strong, like the girl in a coffin in the attic. Our emotions are heightened. Later on she sends Elijah a text message and tells him that the mark is back. Supernatural information On The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, Claire Holt reprises her role as Rebekah Mikaelson, but during season 1, Holt's Rebekah surprised fans when she ended her run as a series regular — why did Holt leave the show?Brothers Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson make their debuts during season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, and the character Rebekah is introduced during season 3, followed by Kol and Finn. After Klaus wakes up, he thanks Kol and Rebekah for their help. Hayley admits that she does not want her daughter to grow up in a world where they lock enemies up in dungeons and retaliate against threats with massacres. As Elena doesn't want the cure, Rebekah offers her a deal to get the cure together so that Rebekah can solely ingest it, but Elena's rejection frustrates her. Mad at Klaus she agrees with Marcel's plot to stand against his brother. Elena uses that time gap to get some advantage, so she runs away. Dahlia then raises the stake into the air, destroying it and turning it into dust, causing the Original Vampires to start to choke on it as it was starting to get lodged in their lungs, subsequently killing them from the inside out. In the tent, Elena fails to kill Bonnie. Out of all the Original vampires, Rebekah can be considered the most stubborn and ill-tempered. Blue Rebekah discute avec Matt à propos de la remise des diplômes. Once Rebekah and Hayley arrive to the safe house Hayley says that she is going to throw a party for her clan. April went to the cellar after she overheard Caroline's conversation with Stefan. Elijah has everyone – Hayley, Klaus, and Rebekah – sat down around a table, telling him everything he's learned tonight. Klaus changes the subject, sending her away to fetch the truck. Klaus explains that that is because he broke her neck. Later, Rebekah is talking with Sophie in the graveyard. It can be presumed that she is insane because the cottage has been used as an insane asylum since 1914. Hours later, her phone begins to ring, causing her to wake up. They have all been compelled. Rebekah recruits Hayley to search the house. The Vampire Diaries Vampire Dairies Vampire Diaries The Originals Series Movies Movies And Tv Shows The Originals Rebekah Claire Holt The Originals The Mikaelsons The Salvatore Brothers. Still undettered by her lack of enthusiasm to help Klaus, Elijah attempts to give Rebekah one last call to change her mind. They both head back towards New Orleans and to meet up with Thierry. After dark, Rebekah and Marcel are still trapped. In Dance Back from the Grave, Rebekah convinced Klaus to let Thierry out of the Garden. In After School Special, it is revealed that April removed the dagger from Rebekah. Over the centuries, she was let down by her half-brother Klaus and her lover Stefan. He updates her on the recent turn of events. When night fell, the gang makes camp for the night. Esther then leaps to the rescue, and tries to talk Dahlia down, and to Dahlia's surprise, Esther wraps her chains around her neck giving Freya the chance to use her magic to force the dust out of Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah's lungs, saving them. As she hands out flyers, she and Elena have a small confrontation where it leads to Elena throwing a pencil at Rebekah's head, whereas Rebekah catches it and throws it back going into Elena's shoulder. Born In the late 19th and early 20th century, she was in a relationship with Klaus' protégé Marcel Gerard while she and her family lived in New Orleans. Following Rebekah's possession of Eva Sinclair and her subsequent killing of Eva's spirit, Rebekah has elected to remain in Eva's body for several reasons: 1) She wants to fulfill her promise to her brother Kol, whom she promised to use her powers to resurrect after he was hexed to death by their brother Finn. Elena tells Rebekah that she needs to talk to Stefan, because Damon had been compelled by Kol to kill Jeremy, but Stefan doesn't say anything. Eva escapes after trying to take Hope, and Klaus sends Marcel after her with the shackles while going on to ask Freya to put Rebekah back in her body. Then she goes to church to ask forgiveness for her sins which is seen at the beginning of the episode. Stefan, Rebekah and Elena are walking towards the edge of a cliff and once Elena has jumped down, she reveals to Stefan about the cure, before snapping his neck, knowing he would give the cure to Elena if he had the chance. She figures that if Cami is there, Marcel will be distracted, which will allow her true plan to unfold. After discussing the matter Marcel agrees to let Klaus live, if he is willing to stand trial. When she picks up the phone and realizes it's Elijah, Elijah states that he expected her to come home hours ago and asked her what happened. Rebekah Mikaelson first appeared in the vampire diaries series in Season 3. He wonders if that wasn't Marcel's informant they ran into, and fusses at Rebekah for not catching him. After Vincent assisted her in severing her host body's connection to the eight teenage witches, Klaus compelled Marcel to kill her if she attempted to leave the compound in an effort to keep them from interfering with his plans. Rebekah leaves him and goes to meet Marcel who is having meeting with Tyler and quarter vampires as they learn more about the hybrids. Her most notable roles are Then Rebekah and Elena go up stairs and Rebekah looks through Stefan's stuff. After looking for the headstone for a while, Rebekah asks Stefan if he knows why she had refused to compel him to forget Elena. While she is resurrecting, Klaus compelled a guard to let her feed from the guard and also told the guard to tell her where to meet Stefan and Klaus. In her rage, she rips his heart out of his chest and he drops to the floor. Significant kills Rebekah and Elena were originally enemies until becoming allies and partners-in-crime in Because the Night. After Matt still doesn't say anything Rebekah prepares for her party. Freya finds out and tells Rebekah that if they can't stop the mark form growing she will become a ripper. Rebekah is seemingly Kol's favorite sibling; he is closer to her and trust her more. As she expected, the death of her host body caused her spirit to return to her original body. Once she returns home, her brother is back in his body. But when his plan failed Rebekah tells him about his father who hunts Klaus saying that Klaus would leave New Orleans when he comes. Jan 20, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Liz. Rebekah is a villainess who seems to do almost all of her own dirty work. Rebekah spent a month at the bottom of the ocean, completely aware of every sensation, until Elijah finally had a boat crew dredge her up. A day or two later, Elijah helped Rebekah reintegrate herself into New Orleans' society by taking her to the opera house. Rebekah next appears inside the cave head in which Vaughn had Damon who managed to free himself. Rebekah agrees that it should be, but the situation with her family still weighs in her mind. Cette même année, The CW annonce, quatre mois après l'arrêt de Vampire Diaries, que la cinquième saison de The Originals sera la dernière. He made sure that at least one newbie vampire emerged from the evening. The two of them have both experienced the life of being over-protected and being restricted from making independent decisions. This surprises Rebekah, who gets up and shuts the door behind them so they could have a talk. Share the best GIFs now >>> d'épisodes 22 Chronologie Saison 2 Saison 4 Liste des épisodes de Vampire Diaries modifier Cet article présente les vingt-deux épisodes de la troisième saison de la série télévisée américaine Vampire Diaries (The Vampire Diaries). "Your grand plans always seem to get ruined, don't they? Then the episode shows events that happened 24 fours earlier before this confession. Rebekah is watching over Hayley, Hayley is getting worse. When Klaus realizes that Finn is trying to find Hope, Rebekah tells him that she's safe, as it will take the power of 100 witches to break the cloaking spell. Later on, he is killed by Jeremy and Elena. And then, Kol impaled him. Rebekah is still considered a recurring character on the show, allowing the opportunity for Claire to return. And honestly, why wouldn't she? Rebekah, however, enters the house and the two are trapped by a boundary spell. Her brother's have been destroyed while Klaus' has been broken. She still retains her fighting skills, only she is now much more weaker and slower, however, she is quick to adjust to her new body as well as to the fact that she is a witch. Shane's done it before. He's had all his crew swilling vervain, so they're impervious to his mind control. Later, Marcel approaches a car which is being loaded by Rebekah's witch body. With that being said, he presents the final object-an engagement ring. 8. Entre 2015 et 2016, elle joue dans les deux saisons de la série policière et dramatique Aquarius portée par David Duchovny. Both ponder how they can still be alive following this revelation. Feeling guilty for the pain she had caused him, Rebekah treated him with extra kindness for weeks afterward to make up for it, though Klaus would not learn the truth about Rebekah's involvement until many centuries later. Rebekah warns Matt to keep Bonnie safe. Elijah urges Rebekah to consider the risk, but with Klaus' location found and out of options, Elijah relents and lets her go.

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