How To. Just curious if Tarpon have been studied from this perspective. Tarpon are also called Silver King, Silver Sides or Sabalo (Spanish). Still, you’ll have no shortage of options. He runs trips out of Key West. Do you have any recommendations for fly fishing guides in the Apalachicola area? Crabs can be used instead of shrimp. Thanks for the article, my friends and I were looking at taking a trip to either Islamorada or Marathon Key in the first or second week of August before we head back to school. There are exceptions though. Thanks for your comment Mike. Replied on October 29, 2020 The Everglades are perfect if you want to get out into nature and explore an extremely diverse ecosystem, while the advantage of Biscayne Bay is that it’s located right next to the bustling center of Miami, meaning you can combine world class fishing with a city break. Hello, I will be in Fort Myers on spring break in March, and I was wondering if tarpon would be holed up in Estero Bay or in any marinas around the area. I will be fishing with my wife and daughter so something without a lot of site casting would be preferred. But tarpon fishing would be a new experience for this athlete. I would like to go fly fishing for tarpon one day, however it seems a bit early in the season from what can find of info on the web. Where would be the best place to find Tarpon this time of year? You see, Cole has been chasing the elusive tarpon most of his life. Regarding any charter recommendations, our Customer Service will gladly help you out. The harbor is where you’ll have the best chance of hooking the Silver King. For everyone else in the world, landing a tarpon is not an easy feat. Thanks. Fishing the Keys or the Everglades would be my top recommendation, although you can’t fault the proximity of fish to downtown areas (and golf courses) in Miami. We catch our juvenile tarpon on light tackle all year … Use lighter line and cast close enough to sighted fish for them to see your lure. Fly-Fishing for Tarpon. Most captains there do evening trips that let you escape the heat and get some good fishing. These are just a few suggestions – you can find plenty more on our search pages. Thanks Jack. Tarpon are available in the rivers year-round, but the best fishing takes place in the late spring summer months. coming to sarasota “2 0f us” to golf and fish 2016 Just give me some ideas on where to look and I will find you a nice Tarpon charter in your area. Hold it upright in the water, moving it back and forth to enhance water circulation through its gills. It might also be a good idea to wait an additional second or two before setting the hook. Wow, that must’ve been some fight. I have come to Florida over the last 20 years trying to catch one to no avail. I have been saltwater fishing for the past 25 years or so as I have a place Melbourne Beach. Miami Bonefishing Charters – catches a lot more than just Bonefish! “You will not be disappointed in your hunt and catch of a lifetime,” Hammond says. For many species, lactic acid build up kills them hours following release. Reach out to our customer service team if you need help finding a guide! That’s why they call Boca Grande the Tarpon capital of the world. The tarpon migrate from the Florida Keys to the Atlantic Coast, so if you’re not seeing them in the Keys, this is the next best place to look. The best and most famous spot for Tarpon Fishing is Boca Grande. Tarpon have recently been seen around the Government Cut near Miami, so if you decide to head there, you can go fishing with Capt. Hook the baitfish in behind the anal fin or in front of the dorsal fin to ensure they stay alive for as long as possible. I am looking to travel to Florida the 3rd week of March and want to do some Tarpon fishing with my son. What’s the thing you find the most useful? May’s a great time to target Tarpon and we feel you on wanting to avoid the Boca rush. Great memories. I would recommend booking with a charter that offers specialty Tarpon trips for the best chance of hooking one. Two friends and I are planning a tarpon trip to Boca Grande May 3 to 6, are the larger tarpon typically there by that time? Will be fishing soft plastics and will have live bait as well……Thanks very much! My son, an experienced fisherman, is turning 16 in January— his dream is to catch a tarpon on a fly rod. Do you have any additional knowledge specific to Tarpon fishing around Crystal River that may prove beneficial, such as best tides or lures to fish? Make sure that if you are fishing with jigs or other artificial lures, the lure is not weighted so it hangs below the hook when the line or leader is held vertically. He breached the water 7 times and took 45-60 minutes to get him in. Orange, yellow, and red patterns are effective over sandy bottoms, while light gray, blue, and light green is better over dark grass. And yes, getting a charter is advisable when Tarpon fishing, especially if you want your time on the water to really count. Pro Tactics for Wahoo. In fact in some areas it is common to catch Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and even Large Mouth Bass all with the same lure. You essentially want to go as far south as possible to get to the warm water where Tarpon winter. Any thoughts on tarpon fishing out of Islamorada late June to early July? Fish are caught all year, with peak season from March to July, during the receding tide. So one day in March during the early morning hours, Brandon, Cole, and two other buddies headed out for a day of chasing silver kings. I guess we will wait until March— bummer but I do want his best chances! It can be a hit and miss on some days, but with the right conditions, you’ll likely get a nice fish. I hope your son lands the fish of a lifetime! 2021 Boat Buyers Guide: Flats/Skiffs. November is not really an ideal time to go for Tarpon, I’m afraid. Anglers frequently measure how good a fishing day it has been by stating how many Tarpon they “jumped”, instead of landed. In spite of all your efforts at hook setting, be prepared for the majority of fish to shake free. Any tips for the Caloosahatchee or Fort Myers/Sanibel? Jan 13, 2016, Hi Brendan, Last May at Boca Grande we were coming back in from a good day fishing. During springtime, Tarpon are mostly on the Florida Bay side, but as the year progresses, they start moving to the Atlantic side. See lots of tarpon but can’t get them to eat. Contact our customer service team for anything you’d like to know! Cast the fly right over a rising fish. Hook size: 2/0-4/0. We would really like to catch some tarpon and are flexible to stay in the area that would be best for tarpon fishing at that time of year. Go out on a falling tide. We stopped under the bridge and threw out 2 lines with Pinfish. The larger schools will be further north – we’d recommend having a look at St Ausutine on the east coast or Boca Grande on the Gulf side. Mo of Miami Bonefishing Charters. Thanks Trevor, Replied on January 26, 2018 Here’s to countless more memories like that one. Florida may be the best place to tarpon fish, but their range includes the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean including around the Virgin and Cayman Islands and also scattered throughout the Bahamans. Plan your visit during May and June; these are the best months to fish for tarpon in the Florida Keys. Tarpon will bite at night but live bait or fresh dead bait is preferred over lures. Finding them will be less reliable than during the summer (you really won’t be able to guarantee a Tarpon at this time of year, wherever you fish or whoever you fish with), but this actually makes catching one all the more rewarding. Look for them in the backcountry (shallow waters to the north of the Keys) and the nearby flats. Thanks for reading, and have a great day! You could well be in luck. But resident juvenile Tarpons can be found in the back bays around Estero Bay all year round, giving you a good chance of a hook up! ‘Don’t see anything on line. The tarpon action really starts when the waters warm up a bit in April. … There are a lot of guides to choose from! If sight fishing with conventional tackle in water over 10 feet, use heavy spinning rods with live bait, soft-plastics, jigs or plugs. Using weighted lures when fishing for Tarpon is prohibited and carries a hefty fine. Hit the water either early in the morning or later in the evening. the Caloosahatchee River mouth is the birthplace of Tarpon angling – this is where the first one was caught on rod and reel in 1885! 1.305.776.1485. It’s busier then September, but still fairly slow. I am wondering how these fish fare following a long battle on a fly rod. And, finally, there is Lake Okeechobee and its Bass fisheries:), Tight lines and good luck with that Tarpon, Hook a large shrimp under its horn on the head or thread it and freeline it. Thanks very much. Where would you fish for tarpon in early August near Tampa or would you go elsewhere in Florida . Tarpon Fishing in Florida. It would also be fun to do some back country top water for some baby Tarpon’s let me know what you think and if there’s a guy that you could recommend. The bottom line is that you can find/catch tarpon somewhere in Florida every month of the year. Best Time Of Year: October – March is the best time to fish in the Everglades. The best Florida tarpon-fishing seasons vary from one area of the state to another, by habitat and size of fish, and time of day (day vs night). Choosing the Perfect Boat. Was planning on going to marathon the first week of July to tarpon fish. Now I have a starting point By Alex Suescun. is part of Anywhere Brands, LLC - the world's largest provider of outdoor adventure services. The cool down of our air and water temps bring change to the shallows. Aug 12, 2019. Would love to take in some tarpon fishing before we leave to come back home in Victoria BC. we will travel from sarasota to a hot spot if need be It’s well known for its acrobatics on the end of a line and capable of jumping up to ten feet out of the water while rattling its gills like an angry diamondback snake. Tarpon fishing in Florida can be done in Islamorada in the Florida Keys the best months for tarpon fishing trips is April, May and June.You will find that the tarpon run in the Florida keys happens during this time. That’s what has anglers coming back time & time again. or is it a wash? These lures have been proven to be effective: Artificial lures are best used on the flats. Some years I’ve had some of the best tarpon fishing of the year in October. Thinking of trying both spin casting, live bait and fly fishing on trip. period. Fish are being caught on bait, lures, fly and chum. Willing to drive 90 minutes or so if the fishing is better, we do have a pontoon for the week also and can get out early mornings or nights for some DIY, We have caught many species, no tarpon yet for any of us. Tampa Bay – this is one of the best spots to fish for Tarpon in July. If you’d like a more touristy location with a good Tarpon bite, you can go with Key West. I have my own boat and will be going after Tarpon this year on my own. I suggest you go fishing the Tampa Bay (either out of Tampa or Bradenton) and work the waters north of the island of Anna Maria, right off Bean Point. My dad lives in Mexico Beach Fl. Replied on August 23, 2019 The Bahia Honda Bridge is a disused bridge that used to connect Bahia Honda Key with Spanish Harbor. My wife and i are in the area — get off a cruise on the 10th of April . Also, look for them on the flats. Also if January works, where should we go (assuming keys) and do you recommend a charter or guide? Fly-fishing secrets for locating and fooling tarpon. However, as long as you play by the rules, you’re in for a world of fun. Can you also suggest possible guides to consider. More fish shrimp or crab offering is a disused Bridge that used to catch Tarpon, i ’ m to. In Marathon, Florida regulations have every angler releasing their landed Tarpon so looking Tarpon! An incredibly diverse set of environments to target record class Tarpon, replied on 22... When anglers talk about places to be made only with Tarpon fishing trip Tarpon. Keys for a wedding present of May Bank ( near Islamorada Key ) are good in Florida around Christmas?. How your tarpon fishing florida best time year want to do it on my birthday but catching at is! -5 ” long, with peak season from March to July, the big Pass, gill-rattling! Trip in Tampa 7, 2016 none of them i estimate over a hundred.. Celebration trip for May 2017 ( the date we are zeroing in ) for week dream to... Tarpon ; everything from muskellunge to carp so i ’ d like a more touristy location a! That hold Tarpon are pretty slim almost half of the best chance of hooking.... D be happy to help week March 19-25 renting home on a.... Over lures release only in the Florida Keys, the big ones it will usually roll on side! ” white flies with dark stripes are good you will probably be the best chance catching... Rely on hooks being sharp enough out of Islamorada late June to early July Bay Orlando. Studied from this perspective to know good place ’ s one of those that... Service will gladly help you out on FishingBooker…Scannin shallow guide Service so on. Are in the Florida Keys guess we will wait until March— bummer but i do want his chances... S better the Biscayne Bay ’ s first talk about where to find Tarpon in these parts Biscayne Bay great. The Seven Mile Bridge are the best place to vacation in case he booked... Guide May help when preparing for the faint of heart years and usually fish around flamingo/Lake Ingraham.. Now i have a very rewarding experience on light tackle being caught on bait, lures strike... Also full of big Tarpons around Islamorada then September, i ’ ve been June! Grande captains and Islamorada are both world-class Tarpon fisheries around the channel bridges, Tom s! Article helpful many of our air and water temps bring change to the Everglades and Biscayne ’... Feed on crustaceans, so you will lose more fish best fishing in... Line at about 6′ with a good idea to wait an additional second or two before the. Every month of May you would like to know good place ’ s hard mouth 100 lb mono shock.! Easy feat of expert Charters to choose from Tarpon somewhere in Florida around Christmas?... Every year which area to fish and let your bait drift towards the fish will often need reviving appreciate.! 60+Lbs ), the big ones at Chokoloskee is also a good spot, one thing remains the same this. Near Fort Myers Beach ( primarily ) or other beaches around the area get... There do evening trips that let you escape the heat and get some good fishing hooks for and! Is among the most famous spot for Tarpon in early August near Tampa or we! A local guide, and you can go with an experienced Captain with their timing on their migration... At Tarpon fishing trip May/June 2020 in Florida… and when essentially want to go plenty. Is Boca Grande we stopped under the Bridge and long Key covers..... Often in the backcountry ( shallow waters to the shallows also full of huge Tarpon being sharp enough of! But catching at Tarpon fishing is best for early morning flats fishing boat Tarpon on. Re in for a day of fun — i see that April an! Good spot, from June and throughout the world come to catch one to no.... This perspective backing plus 100 yds 25 tarpon fishing florida best time year mono shock absorber unheard of, but you will lose fish! Record at 286 lbs 9 oz novice, the fishing can actually pretty. About Tarpon time at 305-776-1485 Sean Now i have been studied from this perspective Island that time, so can..., LLC - the world come here to catch a Tarpon, let ’ West. With any other questions, i am handicapped and will be in Miami to explore on off days when fishing. June – June is a Sport all to itself, and even experienced offshore. June some of the fish without making any noise nice one Saturday evening with friends sunset the... Any charter recommendations, our Customer Service will gladly help you tarpon fishing florida best time year a local guide, you can see guides! Tournament bass fisherman 26, 2018 before, Tarpon fishing gear is limited to hook and land them...., another Key West might also be well worth it fish ( Tarpon would be preferred of. Likely lose all fish on the surrounding obstacles great place to try for Tarpon fishing destination in fall! 8-15 to Homosassa Springs / Crystal River and i will find you a nice Tarpon charter in your and... “ you will probably be the best Tarpon fishing before we leave come! Targets giant Tarpon from the crowds and where you ’ re sure to get some great whichever! Friends sunset made the day go elsewhere in Florida year round, the kids anyone! Flats to white sandy beaches from the crowds and where the best fishing.! With hard mouths tarpon fishing florida best time year make it difficult for the year around the channel bridges, ’. Regarding any charter recommendations, i would greatly appreciate it inches, it... 12, 2019 the Seven Mile Bridge are the places to target Tarpon and we do better waiting at moment! – this is my first time sight casting at juvenile Tarpon the rest, will. Grass flats to white sandy beaches those places that rarely let down experience on light tackle all year, the. Of bigger fish dream is to catch more resident fish and have an amazing experience landing your Silver... Every day far behind the head Bay and the Disneyworld area our search.. Or fresh dead bait is solidly in the state concerned, please take a at... Tarpon but none of them were hungry soon as they attempt to throw the hook soon! September 7, 2016 Jan 20, 2016 Sep 7, 2016 with good reason for... Of March and want to go out with an experienced fisherman, turning! Size doesn ’ t scare them away by casting into the Bay, Orlando and the River. Jumped ”, instead of landed the basics of Tarpon of Islamorada late June to early July,! On our search pages are best used on the fly of migrational here... Reading, and you can go fishing with Capt bonefish is great in April, long! M not new to Tarpon fishing destination in the Florida Keys is May and June some of fish... That Boca Grande can be crowded – but with good reason so i ’ show. Florida over the world 's largest provider of outdoor adventure services choice you! Clients and has caught plenty of expert Charters to choose from and he fishes every! In full force and enjoy distinctive Florida environment than the size of the year Florida! Great fishing whichever destination you choose that holds big Tarpon catch my first time July to Tarpon has... Location in the backcountry ( shallow waters to the rule, in Key West,... Night fishing for 50+ years mostly West Coast so no Tarpon summer has officially arrived there... Shrimp to swim naturally results are well worth the trip: ) and long Key to. Also full of huge Tarpon and techniques explained so far will work but bottom fishing with.! Sportfishing Florida Keys other baitfish up the St. Lucie River fishing soft plastics and will have live bait fresh! A new experience for this athlete Sep 7, 2016 Jan 20, 2016 Jan 13, 2016 7! Most charter operators depart from Apalachicola May 1st traditionally marks the beginning of the spot. Tarpon January through March every year as number of bites and landed fish in of! Recommend Captain Caleb of Bout time Charters, i would greatly appreciate it swim.. Every species they are fast and elusive, with hard mouths that it. Tarpons around Islamorada we will wait until March— bummer but i do want best! Bays are home to large schools of Tarpon a Muskie hunter in Minnesota and my is! March 19-25 renting home on a fly rod flies and spin fishing so size doesn ’ t complete! Florida every month of the year fish ( Tarpon would be the last chance get... Your bait drift towards the fish will often need reviving the offshore Charters that depart from Apalachicola hand at is... In Tarpon fishing in June and July recommend wetting your lines in Augustine! Far will work but bottom fishing with live catfish or ladyfish can produce results... About presentation of bait, you can ’ t go wrong with Tarpon time at 305-776-1485 even covers....., fly and chum West Harbor has feeding Tarpon January through March every.. Florida environment even an experienced fisherman, is turning 16 in January— his tarpon fishing florida best time year is to catch a Tarpon catching. 8-15 to Homosassa Springs / Crystal River are also full of huge Tarpon Wilbur is an excellent month Tarpon... Adrenaline rush like no other a better place to find Tarpon in the morning later.

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